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2017-07-07 15:58:59.0
2) Characters
warm up doodle of my oc apple whos a lion/lemur hybrid
744 x 996
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2017-05-20 12:25:29.0
3) Doodles
small warm up doodle

STILL trying to get used to this tablet after 2 semesters. yeesh.
731 x 357
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2017-05-08 16:54:51.0
2) Characters
finalized marzipan's(mother of cheetah, jello, and tekua) design! here she is with her cubs as newborns :3

im thinking of re-purposing them, the neon lions, and my old star pride for a new story... idk yet though
700 x 696
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2017-05-08 16:51:07.0
2) Characters
ive been trying to make some good pics for character bios and such. this heres jessie, given to me by brinazarski way back when
1075 x 592
266.4306640625 KB
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2017-05-07 19:37:37.0
3) Doodles
experimenting. im thinking of making an oc whos a somali wild ass. love those cute donkeys
418 x 736
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2017-05-07 19:36:39.0
3) Doodles
i restarted the wacom driver like 10 times but pen pressure where???? (i just had to restart my computer)
537 x 660
150.35546875 KB
2017-05-04 22:30:38.0
i had an idea to combine two of the adoptables that GalacticVegetable has on the tt. i got inspired to do a chimera/vitiligo design! its kinda a strange concept to combine two adoptables but i do like both of the characters on their own too...
910 x 1200
356.94140625 KB
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2017-04-21 13:53:40.0
my tablet is sooo annoying but i rly wanted to draw so i just put up with no pen pressure to make this little thing
989 x 599
229.2392578125 KB
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2017-03-19 00:06:28.0
1) The lion King
a quick belated little thing for st. patricks day! they dye the downtown canals green for the occasion and i thought it would be silly if it happened in the pridelands lol
700 x 726
385.7841796875 KB
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2017-03-05 23:30:02.0
2) Characters
current working redesign of an old fursona. his name is bubby and hes me!
700 x 655
544.6328125 KB
2017-02-24 23:45:30.0
4) Old Stuff
i have no clue what this is but apparently i drew it!
1024 x 306
195.44921875 KB
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2017-02-24 23:44:41.0
4) Old Stuff
old anthro-ish doodle of matala. i think i drew this while at marching band on a piece of paper i had stashed in my uniform lol. it got a bit sweaty if i recall right fghfgjfh
1024 x 724
313.3525390625 KB
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2017-02-24 23:41:18.0
4) Old Stuff
i drew this to put in the front of my school binder back in 8th or 9th grade. its still pretty (thumbs up emoji)
677 x 793
388.8828125 KB
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2017-02-24 23:37:38.0
4) Old Stuff
my old fursona kate. actually going to redesign her as a trans boy following some certain realizations of myself recently lmao. kat (my other fursona) is gonna stay agender tho
800 x 621
254.576171875 KB
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2017-02-24 23:34:26.0
4) Old Stuff
good ol kat in their meerkat form
500 x 781
302.1025390625 KB
2017-02-24 23:32:07.0
4) Old Stuff
another one of those ocs that i only drew like twice. i think this is actually the only pic of them in existence gjhgfjhgfj. i think i just wanted to draw a sabertooth honestly
750 x 602
379.7158203125 KB
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2017-02-24 23:30:46.0
4) Old Stuff
i only drew this guy a handful of times after i had designed him, and this is one of them!
600 x 917
591.84375 KB
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2017-02-24 23:28:32.0
4) Old Stuff
i used to have a pair of bala sharks and after they died i drew these pics of them as lions gjhgjhgj. they were named sharky and lil sharky. very creative, huh
1500 x 536
843.21484375 KB
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2017-02-24 23:26:51.0
4) Old Stuff
ths still looks pretty good honestly
700 x 702
247.4453125 KB
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2017-02-24 23:25:38.0
4) Old Stuff
uuuuooooooh glowy
600 x 561
218.8681640625 KB
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2017-02-24 23:20:57.0
4) Old Stuff
this was a drawing for saint patricks day that i had never posted. i think i had just finished it way late and felt awkward posting it so i just never did ghjghjg

and yeah st. patricks is my moms birthday. its cause of that that when i was REAL little i thought she had grown up in ireland LOL
700 x 845
788.962890625 KB
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2017-02-24 23:14:42.0
4) Old Stuff
this is a pic i had drawn of brinazarski's fursona that i had colored in with crayon (and the hair and tail are colored with glitter crayons, which i thought was SO cool)
670 x 758
701.4150390625 KB
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2017-02-24 22:48:33.0
4) Old Stuff
i had a punk mermaid oc that i had drawn a couple of times, and she lived in the cold atlantic and this drawing is of my water elemental lion visiting her. they friends
626 x 959
219.90234375 KB
2017-02-24 19:19:23.0
4) Old Stuff
old old drawing of twilight. i forgot how long ive had this character lol (but i did adopt her out and then later got her back)
700 x 572
366.1533203125 KB
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2017-02-24 16:28:24.0
4) Old Stuff
i was clearing out my photos for space and i found a bunch of stuff that i hadn't posted from when i was uploading some old stuff a couple of months back. its been a while since i went and posted those so i thought id post the rest now

this pic is some old angel/demon thing lol
900 x 553
529.9521484375 KB
2017-02-24 16:24:21.0
4) Old Stuff
my friend in 6th grade had these super cool markers that if you ran a special marker over it it changed the color, so i experimented with them in this doodle of twilight. i remember really liking this picture lmao
700 x 509
423.9462890625 KB
2016-11-05 12:38:54.0
a little update on how ive been doing... bad!

also my therapist suggested seeing a psychiatrist and it turns out i have ptsd and bpd. wowza
655 x 697
222.34375 KB
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2016-10-04 13:07:27.0
3) Doodles
ive never really USED used the newer ms paint, since ive just preferred the old one, but one day i was just like meh and did this mouse drawing of lion from steven universe
819 x 460
332.88671875 KB
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2016-09-28 22:35:40.0
4) Old Stuff
the last of the old pics ill be posting for right now! i have more that i could take pics of to post but maybe some other time.

back when i played clarinet i had this collapsible stand for music sheets and i thought that it would be pretty cool to use in a design! its still pretty interesting
800 x 544
57.5654296875 KB
2016-09-28 22:30:19.0
4) Old Stuff
some vent i did yeears ago. idk what it was about now but who really knows how they were feeling on some random day in 2010
600 x 854
80.8740234375 KB
2016-09-28 22:28:10.0
4) Old Stuff
middle school was a tough time for like everyone man
800 x 627
737.8974609375 KB
2016-09-28 22:27:14.0
4) Old Stuff
one of those rare times i actually drew tlk. though tbh this might just be a random lioness i drew up and i just dont remember.
379 x 800
469.1630859375 KB
2016-09-28 22:24:56.0
4) Old Stuff
used to be in band in 7th 8th and 9th grade. i played clarinet!
592 x 1000
353.095703125 KB
2016-09-28 22:24:01.0
4) Old Stuff
nick hitching a ride! but alas he is afraid of heights
1000 x 1066
707.0185546875 KB
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2016-09-28 22:22:31.0
4) Old Stuff
fyra in her element, being a cool mother trucker
406 x 800
39.4560546875 KB
2016-09-28 22:19:26.0
4) Old Stuff
an old pic of an atempt at a semi-realistic pic pf my oc nick
451 x 800
71.6171875 KB
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2016-09-28 22:16:31.0
4) Old Stuff
i used to think anthros were exclusively in anime style, but i didnt have an anime phase in my childhood so all i had to go on was one of those crappy how to draw manga books. here is the result!
402 x 1000
47.7724609375 KB
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