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Art is a BANG, Hm!

I've created a simple TLKFAA chat, for anyone who has wanted one .u. once in-chat, click your name you've joined as, and you can change your name and icon~ I or another will add you as a member after~ --->


Hello, I'm <b>Art is a BANG, Hm!</b> <3 my real name in <b>Alexis</b> may call me Art, Bang, Kimba or Alexis/Lex o u o I'm a very easy person to get along with...I'm very polite, and I'm also VERY open-minded <3 I love Anime, The Lorax, Cosplay and countless other things :O


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<u>Requests:</u> <b>Closed</b>

<u>Commisions:</u> <b>Paypal</b> commissions are <b>OPEN</b> c: scroll down to look at prices and info.

<u>Collabs:</u> Open (<b>Sketcher Only</b>)

<u>Art trades:</u> <b>Open</b> (forevah)

<u>Character designs:</u> Open (<b>Commission only, includes Capracoats, unless I'm in sketcher...sketcher Capracoats are FREE</b>)


<u>.:<b>Commission info</b>:.</u>

Send money to <b></b> for commishes c:

1) I don't do sketch/lineart commissions...those are, man :c...not worth money LOL

2) I will draw Original characters that are from THIS site only...on-topic only (but original species like Luims and such are allowed too)

3) I have only four slots, so if they're all full, don't worry! As soon as I'm done with one, I open another slot :D

4) I try to keep my prices low...but if I start getting /tons/ of commishes or something, I'll bring the price up a dollar or two .A.;

5) If you have any questions, please ask in User comments, or contact me through Note on DA ( )


Flat color, no Background, No shading = <b>1.00$</b>

Color with Shading, flat color Background = <b>2.00$</b>

Color with Shading and Background = <b>3.00$</b>

Single character deisgn OR Four character designs = <b>4.00$</b>

Six character designs on one sheet (You can ask for more designs, but for every design added, it's costs an extra dollar) = 5.00$

<b>For every character/design added, 50 cents is added c:</b>



<u>.:<b>Commission Slots</b>:.</u>

1) <b>Open</b>

2) <b>Open</b>

3) <b>Open</b>

4) <b>Open</b>



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Ms. Nina Fox
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Name: Alexis (My real name)

Gender: FEMALE~

Fursona: Female Lioness named Alexis

Mate: Female Lioness named Nalami

First character ever made: Kolahku the lion <3

Poems and quotes made by me:

The Eye of Destiny~
I'm am the eye of Destiny
I am there when you are sad
I comfort you if you are mad
You stare at me without knowing
I know your feelings
I know your pain
I know your courage
I stop the rain
If you ever need a friend
The Eye of Destiny is with you till the end

Even if my voice is never heared
your mind will cherish every word
falling down is not a crime
i'm here to help you gather your mind
if you are sad you'll hear my voice
you hear a whisper in the wind: "do not fear little one, i am here, for in you're heart i'm always there"

Personal quote: "Crap 'n crackerz! D8"
Favorite Quote: "Art is a BANG, Hm!" ~ Deidara of The Naruto Akatsuki :3

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