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Going Traditional

Thank you all so much for the votes! ;w; <3

From pencil and paper, paint and canvas, to sculptures, plushies, or other mixed media, we're going to focus on traditional art!

If just drawing on paper seems too easy, try branching out to a different media, or try approaching it from a different angle :3 There's more that can be done with paper than just drawing on it. Origami, paper dolls, paper cutting, paper mache...the list goes on! Be creative :D

4 entries

(7 days left)

2017-05-25 18:14:43.0
Art for other people
Shaded commission for Gold/Mistertris. Haven't had a good roleplay with them in a while. He's the player who created the Imara pride back in the old days of OIT, and played as Magma.

800 x 1156
467.2412109375 KB
2017-05-25 14:27:53.0
contest things
well, i had it created for my skill for duke of edinburgh, why not share it here!
i attempted to sculpt a clay version of the mufasa mask from the lion kibg musical. i can now see quite a few errors with it now, but i'm actually very proud of myself for making something like this!
786 x 521
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2017-05-24 21:58:48.0
But Teacher, Simba ate my homework!
540 x 669
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2017-05-24 21:57:22.0
2017-05-24 17:49:52.0
2017-05-24 16:26:13.0
2017-05-24 16:25:24.0
2017-05-24 16:24:09.0
2017-05-24 16:23:45.0
2017-05-24 16:22:57.0
2017-05-24 16:22:43.0
2017-05-24 16:22:21.0
2017-05-23 19:19:40.0
tmw i try to draw zira and mess up on the back legs but cant be bothered to fix it.
also it doesnt look like her :/
which is bad.

but it's hard to make TLK canon babes look /right/ in my mishy-mashy style.

i tried and failed.

zira © Disney
art is miiiiiine~
1297 x 1114
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2017-05-23 19:18:05.0
2. The Lion King
Praticing realism even more. :3 Have a Simba and Nala (with their early concept designs).

Model was used.

This is a bit blurry, my apologies. Also, wow! No watermarks this time! I guess I have to tone down my copyright claims, sometimes. :P
1280 x 1129
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2017-05-23 16:45:02.0
2017-05-23 12:40:39.0
some kinda cat i colored in Photoshop cc and sketched in pen
781 x 664
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2017-05-23 07:50:49.0
Moson's Comic
Page 23 of Chapter 3

Last page for a couple of weeks on here. I am trying to keep it every time a scene ends to post on here. But I there maybe two more spots where we could easily say the scene changes in the next 13 pages (or well 13 weeks) So I am just going to upload them between minor scene changes like this one here. So in two weeks I will post the next two. Or you can catch them every Monday at the links below.

694 x 848
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2017-05-23 07:45:28.0
2017-05-22 14:17:59.0
2017-05-22 14:02:13.0
2017-05-22 14:19:50.0
love this family so much!

I was listening to We are Family by Keke Palmer from the Ice Age: Continental Drift. I just thought it fit so well!

You have Timon who is the adoptive father of Simba, which makes him Kiara and Kion's adoptive grandpa. Pumbaa who is the uncle (since he and Timon have a brotherly relationship) that Simba never had, which makes him the adoptive great uncle to Kion and Kiara. And Bunga is Simba's cousin/brother since he's the adopted nephew of Timon and Pumbaa plus they have a brotherly bond. Which also makes Bunga kind of like an uncle of Kion and Kiara too XDD
2000 x 1514
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2017-05-22 06:43:47.0
This baby won third in my Misfit Pride Contest, Kuiba. :) This bebeh has issues with hoarding the skulls of his and other lions prey.

If you want to read more about him, go to the link on my DA page-
623 x 623
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2017-05-22 06:39:18.0
2017-05-22 06:34:00.0
More Recent Artwork

Featured Artist of the Month

Sukala A.P.

Sukala A.P. is definitely one of the stars of the TLKFAA these days. With an unquenchable spirit of fun and creativity, she's established herself in a very short time as one of the most memorable, most valued members of our community thanks to frequent postings of wild, zany, and always unpredictable expressions of joy and fun. It's exactly the kind of spirit that has kept this community so vibrant for so long, and it assures me that there's plenty of energy in this fandom to sustain new generations of fan-artists every time the calendar ticks over.
*heavy breathing* 8C

So.... it appears that I am the new Artist of the Month. What reactions could I have? Screams? Cries? Heart attack? Why not all of these togheter?

No seriously, it is such an honor to be elected Artist of the Month! I want to thank everyone who voted for me, THANK YOU ALL! ❤ ❤ ❤

Now with my history:

So, I started browsing through the Internet when I was 6 to discover beautiful Lion King fanart. And this is how I discovered The Lion King Fan-Art Archive. I already liked The Lion King, that time, but the Archive is what got me deeper into my childhood fandom. I loved Bambi really much at first, but mother thought I should calm down and try to find other things too. Then obviously The Lion King came. All this fandom also comes from YouTube (people who uses other artist's TLK works in their videos ) and deviantART. I got so inspired by all the fanart and fan stories, the ones with Scar's past, Kopa and Kovu and Kiara's possible babies that I started drawing alot, alot and ALOT. Drew so many lions, drew so many comics. For this occasion, I will redraw old TLK pieces from my younger days.

For those who doesn't know, I am diagnosed with a unspecified case of autism, which is not a disease, but a condition you can improve. That means my way of thinking and acting is different, I see images in my head that people don't understand even when I explain it. How to explain these things in my mind? It's simple; I draw it, even if it doesn't look exactly what you imagined. Drawing art is not meant for perfection, but for imagination and creativity.

You may be surprised, but before all of this happened, I actually hated drawing when I was 4. My mother made me try to hold a pencil, and I actually and obviously did it!

And this is how I got here. And I still draw wonderful contributions to this amazing Disney movie, and I don't know when or if I'll ever stop. 😉

I love this website deep in my heart and I would completely do anything to support it! It brings so many memories of the first days.

Thank you so much everyone! *licks the screen*
One of the things that strikes me right off the bat with Sukala A.P.'s art is that she's embraced the new addition to the TLK canon, The Lion Guard, for a lot of her inspiration. This in itself isn't remarkable, surely—after all, TLG is the first real shot in the arm that the Lion King universe has had in an awfully long time, and small wonder that it would spark some new interest among fan creators. But Sukala A.P. has made it a special focus of her art, weaving the new TLG characters seamlessly into her work and making them feel at home in this over-20-year-old fictional universe.

What this illustrates to me, and what makes Sukala A.P. particularly deserving of the spotlight, is her spirit and enthusiasm in keeping the fandom itself alive. This isn't just a passing fancy for her: it's a home. It's a place to be for the long haul. And as particularly exemplified by her active efforts to bring attention back to the TLKFAA in an era when many old-guard artists have left and many up-and-coming ones might not even have heard of us here, she's putting in a level of effort at cheerleading that truly deserves accolades.

This kind of thing often goes thankless. But I want to make sure she knows it's appreciated.

And I think everyone here, though surely nobody has overlooked her vibrant contributions when they appear on the front page, owes it to themselves to take a browse through Sukala A.P.'s gsallery. As befits her personality and her winning attitude, her art shows a loose, fun-loving quality that bowls you over with its energy level and its sincerity. Whether she's creating a comic or a single frame of cel-style animation art, she throws herself wholly into the moment—her characters' trademark exaggerated facial features and body language contributing more than their fair share to the mood of the piece. It's a style of overt "cartoonishness" that reminds me of the kinds of specific-acting animation techniques promulgated by John Kricfalusi in the long analyses he has posted on his blog over the years. Animation, John K says, is uniquely suited to conveying the kinds of intricate forms of expression that are part of the human experience, because we can exaggerate the subtle little quirks of facial movements and body language to instantly convey a feeling, in a way that is often lost in live action. It's refreshing, in that way, to see some of these kinds of acting techniques applied to the TLK lions, giving them a life you don't see in the relatively restrained, formal style of the feature films.

Which of course leaves us to wonder what might come with the "live-action" TLK reboot by Jon Favreau that is on its way to us in the next couple of years. Sukala A.P., notably, is optimistic about it, and I am too—it seems to be getting the same level of respect and attention to detail that the original film did. And even without that aspect, it's another new injection of life for the franchise, and one that will bring renewed attention and enthusiasm—and another new generation of fans and their unique creative visions—to our community.

Sukala A.P.'s contribution to the TLKFAA over the last three years has been incalculable—not just because of her art, though that in itself of course is always a delight. It's her effervescence, her cheer, her very presence on the site that helps remind us all that there's something special here, something we don't get elsewhere.

For my money, one of those somethings is Sukala A.P. herself, and that's quite a big perk.


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